By Divine intervention, Melissa, an inspiring, guiding light, was placed before me as I walked down a path of daily misery knowing I was not living my truth and feeling the torturous consequences of that life in my mind, body, and spirit.
She educated and empowered me with the vision and tools necessary for me to heal and to create a life I deserve and the confidence to strive daily to be at my highest good!——Tonya




 I was referred to Melissa for an Akashic Record reading in April of 2017.  I was told that she needed to conduct the readings in in order to complete her certification.  I scheduled the reading 2 short weeks after I lost my mother.  Melissa knew nothing of my mother's passing and I was told not to share this with her.  If my mother came up, this would validate the reading.  In preparation, Melissa had asked me to think of 3 questions.  My questions were pretty general in nature but I was open for anything she had to share with me.  My reading was conducted over the phone and as soon as I began chatting with her she informed me that someone had been with her for a while.  This being a new process for her, she said she unsure of who they were or why they were there and he decided to move on with the reading until it became clear.  The was the first reading that I had experienced of this kind.  I read up on Akashic Records and wasn't sure what to expect.  I felt a comfort and ease with her, even over the phone.  After opening my records, we began.  Each question was simply stated, then she would listen and relay what she was hearing.  Her statements and descriptions of the situation in question were remarkable.  Everything she said solidified the intuition I felt all along.  About half way into the reading she asked if I had lost my mother.  She had been hearing the word "Mother".  After my confirmation, Melissa (or my mother) shared with me so many comforting words.  Words that I scribbled on scratch paper while tears rolled down my cheeks.  Words that only my mother would share,  She described my mother as a gentle and loving soul versus ones that had drained her physically and mentally.  Obviously, I was moved by the reading and I felt that Melissa was as well.  While I didn't go searching for this reading or Melissa, they both have affected my life in an extremely positive way.  The reading has been a source of comfort for not only me, but also for those I chose to share it with.  I no longer question whether or not my mother is near.  I know that as long as my eyes are open, she will show me her presence.  I hold a peace inside of me that not many can feel while grieving their mother. Melissa has given me this.  She has an extraordinary gift and I've been blessed for her to share her light and love with me. ———Laurie



Before I officially entered my mentorship with Melissa, I continually watched her videos as we were friends on Facebook.(I've known her since I was 8!)  There is not a bone in Melissa's body that isn't 100% invested in what she is doing.  Her knowledge, graciousness, humbleness, and guidance are every thing to me.  I personally knew what I needed to do in order to grow as the lovely human I was always meant to be; but I was incapable of doing it without help. I trust her implicitly with my journey as well as how she helps cultivate the gifts I have. She patiently and lovingly guides me on the spiritual path that's been waiting for me to take hold.

Since I've been working with Melissa there are many things which have manifested in my life.  Melissa has given me great courage to accept the gifts I've been given while learning to understand them.  Melissa has helped show  my true light and higher understanding of myself.  Melissa has taught me how to let go of 'dead weight' and guilt that shouldn't and can't be carried forward in order to grow.  Melissa has manifested power in my heart and mind that I can't explain in mere words; just the amazing feeling after we work together.  Melissa has reminded me what true tenacity and belief in one's self can bring to fruition. Melissa has saved me emotionally and spiritually and for that I will be forever grateful.  Melissa has a special gift unselfishly given and shared. Melissa gives me a sense of peace and balance.  I am so lucky we were brought together so many years ago, none of which is circumstance.  Melissa is a gift from God to me and the world!

------Mary Jane



I am typically a skeptic and unaccustomed to seeking out mediums or psychics, etc. So, I'm not sure why I did it, but I followed through on an urge to ask Mel to put me in touch with my deceased husband. I'm so very glad I did. While there were no surprises, there was a joyful exchange with even my deceased parents. I left comforted by the experience. I'm convinced Mel truly has a natural gift as a medium and I will never hesitate to recommend her to anyone.———Barb

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