This life journey is learning about the SELF and then LIVING your purpose!

Do you know you came to this earth for two important reasons? The biggest and most important reason is for the growth of self! Each and every relationship you have is a mirror of what is going on within you. What is your self-worth and self-love? How do you self-care? Do you have self-trust, self-acceptance, self-compassion? These are all important aspects of your self-evolution and if you are interested in a more joyful, happy and free life, it's imperative to begin going within to find out who you are and who you want to be in each and every moment you are living. In this world, it's more beneficial to lead with our INSIGHT versus our EYESIGHT. Yet most of us are unaware of how to do that.

The second reason I believe we come here is to live our mission or to spread more love in the world with our own unique imprint. We each carry a medicine to help heal the world and in order for us to share it, we have to know what it is! Do you know your labor of love? Do you get up each day with excitement to serve? Or do you feel called to do something else, something that ignites your passion and makes you feel as though it wouldn't be work?

On this life journey there are many twists and turns, ups and downs, highs and's all a part of a great plan to come to know who we truly are and to LIVE it.

I have a special passion for women who have been in toxic relationships centered around helping you rebuild your intuition, reclaim your power and restore grace to your life!

So will you choose to RISE in this lifetime? It's a choice and one that can begin here, in this present moment.

Areas of expansion I teach:

Empowering tools for Healing




The gift of Interdependence

-Leading with your heart

-Personal power

-Women's Sacred Circles

Guidance for Future Goals and Desires


-Subconscious mind training

-Self worth exercises




Inner Growth and Spiritual Development



-Connect to your Spirit Team

All sessions are done via zoom. Please contact us for any personal queries.

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